17. GOhA and other pro-bridi by series

         broda-series (not GOhA):
     broda     is-1; 1st assignable pro-bridi
     brode     is-2; 2nd assignable pro-bridi
     brodi     is-3; 3rd assignable pro-bridi
     brodo     is-4; 4th assignable pro-bridi
     brodu     is-5; 5th assignable pro-bridi

     go'i      (repeats the last bridi)
     go'a      (repeats a previous bridi)
     go'u      (repeats a long-ago bridi)
     go'e      (repeats the last-but-one bridi)
     go'o      (repeats a future bridi)
     nei       (repeats the current bridi)
     no'a      (repeats the next outer bridi)

     bu'a      some-predicate-1 (rafsi: “bul”)
     bu'e      some-predicate-2
     bu'i      some-predicate-3

     co'e      has the obvious relationship (rafsi: “com”/“co'e”)
     mo        bridi question
     du        identity: x1 is identical to x2, x3 ... (rafsi: “dub”/“du'o”)