16. KOhA cmavo by series

     mi        I (rafsi: “mib”)
     do        you (rafsi: “don” and “doi”)
     mi'o      you and I
     mi'a      I and others, we but not you
     ma'a      you and I and others
     do'o      you and others
     ko        you-imperative

     ti        this here; something nearby (rafsi: “tif”)
     ta        that there; something distant (rafsi: “taz”)
     tu        that yonder; something far distant (rafsi: “tuf”)

     di'u      the previous utterance
     de'u      an earlier utterance
     da'u      a much earlier utterance
     di'e      the next utterance
     de'e      a later utterance
     da'e      a much later utterance
     dei       this very utterance
     do'i      some utterance

     ko'a      it-1; 1st assignable pro-sumti
     ko'e      it-2; 2nd assignable pro-sumti
     ko'i      it-3; 3rd assignable pro-sumti
     ko'o      it-4; 4th assignable pro-sumti
     ko'u      it-5; 5th assignable pro-sumti

     fo'a      it-6; 6th assignable pro-sumti (rafsi: “fo'a”)
     fo'e      it-7; 7th assignable pro-sumti (rafsi: “fo'e”)
     fo'i      it-8; 8th assignable pro-sumti (rafsi: “fo'i”)
     fo'o      it-9; 9th assignable pro-sumti
     fo'u      it-10; 10th assignable pro-sumti

     ri        (repeats the last sumti)
     ra        (repeats a previous sumti)
     ru        (repeats a long-ago sumti)

     zo'e      the obvious value
     zu'i      the typical value
     zi'o      the nonexistent value (rafsi: “zil”)

     vo'a      x1 of this bridi
     vo'e      x2 of this bridi
     vo'i      x3 of this bridi
     vo'o      x4 of this bridi
     vo'u      x5 of this bridi

     da        something-1 (rafsi: “dav”/“dza”)
     de        something-2
     di        something-3

     ke'a      relativized sumti
     ma        sumti question
     ce'u      abstraction focus