14. List of all auxiliary lerfu-word cmavo

     cmavo   selma'o     meaning

     bu      BU          makes previous word into a lerfu word

     ga'e    BY          upper case shift
     to'a    BY          lower case shift
     tau     LAU         case-shift next lerfu word only

     lo'a    BY          Latin/Lojban alphabet shift
     ge'o    BY          Greek alphabet shift
     je'o    BY          Hebrew alphabet shift
     jo'o    BY          Arabic alphabet shift
     ru'o    BY          Cyrillic alphabet shift

     se'e    BY          following digits are a character code
     na'a    BY          cancel all shifts

     zai     LAU         following lerfu word specifies alphabet
     ce'a    LAU         following lerfu word specifies font
     lau     LAU         following lerfu word is punctuation

     tei     TEI         start compound lerfu word
     foi     FOI         end compound lerfu word

Note that LAU cmavo must be followed by a BY cmavo or the equivalent, where “equivalent” means: either any Lojban word followed by “bu”, another LAU cmavo (and its required sequel), or a “tei ... foi” compound cmavo.