13. Table of abstractors

The following table gives each abstractor, an English gloss for it, a Lojban gismu which is connected with it (more or less remotely: the associations between abstractors and gismu are meant more as memory hooks than for any kind of inference), the rafsi associated with it, and (on the following line) its place structure.

nu      event of        fasnu  nun
       x1 is an event of (the bridi)
ka      property of     ckaji  kam
       x1 is a property of (the bridi)
ni      amount of       klani  nil
       x1 is an amount of (the bridi) measured on scale x2
jei     truth-value of  jetnu  jez
       x1 is a truth-value of (the bridi) under epistemology x2
li'i    experience of   lifri  liz
       x1 is an experience of (the bridi) to experiencer x2
si'o    idea of         sidbo  siz
       x1 is an idea/concept of (the bridi) in the mind of x2
du'u    predication of  -----  dum
       x1 is the bridi (the bridi) expressed by sentence x2
su'u    abstraction of  sucta  sus
       x1 is an abstract nature of (the bridi)
za'i    state of        zasti  zam
       x1 is a state of (the bridi)
zu'o    activity of     zukte  zum
       x1 is an activity of (the bridi)
pu'u    process of      pruce  pup
       x1 is a process of (the bridi)
mu'e    point-event of  mulno  mub
       x1 is a point-event/achievement of (the bridi)